Covid 19 and options, season 20-21

Raiders tickets can normally be purchased in a number of ways:-

On the door, cash or card payment
Pre-purchase, using our on line ticket purchase system
As a prepaid season ticket

When you present your payment, on line voucher or season ticket you will be given a wrist band, valid for that game only.

We are of course living very much in unchartered territory at the moment. As the Covid 19 pandemic affects all of our lives it is likely that the regular exchange of cash on the door for entry tickets may need to be limited until such time as various distancing and cross contamination measures are lifted.

We also suspect that by the time indoor sports are again allowed to be played, with fans in the building, that “track and trace” regulations may require all attendees to provide contact details in the event that a case of Covid 19 was retrospectively discovered amongst the crowd.

Ticket costs

Normal ticket prices from last season still apply
0-4 years old Free of charge
5-15 years old £7
6-65 years old £13
Concessions and over 65 £9
Concessions include registered disabled.
Each registered disabled viewer is allowed 1 carer who will also pay the same concession rate.

Season tickets

This is another area where at the present time the Covid 19 pandemic is creating uncertainty. At this time it is hoped that the National League in which the Raiders play will be able to provide a full schedule of games. This would normally be 26 home games (and 26 away games) within the standard league schedule.

For a full league schedule to take place we will need to be cleared to start playing early enough to accommodate a summer break before season 21-22 starts

The standard league season ticket costs are therefore:-

0-4 years old Free of charge
5-15 years old £170
16-65 years old £315
Concessions £215

Again depending upon start dates and number of games played these costs may change.

We are working with our sponsors to provide special deals for our season ticket holders and at present the season ticket will allow a free drink to anyone buying a pizza at MOD pizza in Romford.

Season ticket and seat reservations

Buying a season ticket is presently the only way you can reserve your seat at the Sapphire. We are taking bookings for these at the moment and are allowing last season’s seat holders the first option on retaining their seats.

You can reserve your seat by emailing tickets@raidersicehockey.com . Your application will need to include:-

Your Name
Full postal address
Preferred email address
Mobile phone number
Home phone number
Your chosen seat number (or whether you prefer to stand)

If you cannot remember your seat number then the stand layout below will assists. For a larger printable version with current seat bookings shown, click on the layout.

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