Raiders Ticketing Options, including carers

Season 2023-2024

Thanks for dropping into this the ticketing information page. Its going to be another brilliant season so lets get all the information we have into your hands!↓

The Sapphire Ice rink presently has unallocated seating so the only way seats can be reserved is by purchasing a season ticket. So any tickets whether purchased on line or on the door will not be associated with a particula seat. If you get there and there is no season ticket reserved sticker or a person sitting in it then you can probably sit there!

For visiting fans from other teams then the block on the right at the clock end of the rink (diagonally opposite the entrance) is where most of you gather. Thats not to suggest you are not welcome elsewhere but our Vevuzelas are a bit less loud / annoying on that side. The rink seating map below may clarify this. Anyway if you all sit together it makes you think you are louder than the home fans 🙂 ……..which you wont be 🙂

Raiders tickets can normally be purchased in a number of ways:-

On the door, cash or card payment
Pre-purchase, using our on line ticket purchase system Find the site by clicking here
As a prepaid season ticket

When you present your payment, on line voucher or season ticket at the doors you will be given a wrist band, valid for that game only. This wrist band MUST be worn prominantly at all times to enable our security staff, and other members of the staff, to be able to check it. Please avoid wearing the wrist band in a manner that will allow it to be concealed by other items or layers of clothing and requires a full body search to find it. It slows down the queues and we only have a limited supply of rubber gloves!

Ticketco will again be hosting our ticket purchasing system.

Day ticket costs

For on-line ticketing a minor booking cost may apply. The costs for walk up tickets and on-line day tickets has unfortunately suffered a price increase from last season. What hasn’t?

We did try to keep ticket prices at last season’s prices but the team and the sport are not immune from the cost increases that have hit us all over the past 6 months in particular. Rink operating costs, travel costs (to Dumfries!!) and equipment have all risen and there had to be a knock on with entry prices being increased.

The following day ticket prices for this season will apply:-

  • 0-4 years old Free of charge as usual. (Proof of age may be required)
  • 5-15 years old £9 (Youngster)
  • 16-65 years old £17 (Adult)
  • Concessions (over 65) £12

    Please note that under 14’s must be accompanied by a responsible over 18 and proof of age may be required.

Disabled guests and carers.
Pre-booking of your discretionary free carer pass for Raiders’ games. Updated 21st October 2023

In continuing to review the best possible way we support all our customers, staff and volunteers, including those with access requirements, we have been working with Nimbus Disability to implement a consistent approach as per the majority of venues and attractions in the UK and beyond. We have decided to partner with Nimbus, who will operate the Access Registration on our behalf. You may have already heard of The Access Card which will also be accepted as proof of your access requirements.  

So what will this mean for you? 

We will ask all individuals with specific access requirements such as difficulty standing and queuing or the need for an “essential companion” to undertake the Raiders Access Application. This will be undertaken by Nimbus and its highly skilled team, who are proportionally made up of individuals with lived experience of disability.

The “essential companion” can be deemed as anyone who can support the paying guest, meet their support needs including that of safe ingress and egress from the venue, including during an emergency.

Once approved you will be provided with your Access Registration number for Raiders. This is free to you, but at any time you will have the opportunity to apply for a full Access Card for £15 for 3 years. The full Access Card can be used at venues across the uk and beyond. Current Access Card holders need do nothing but supply your name and Card number. 

Click here to apply for your Access pass.

Once you have your registration number or Access Card number, please email it to so we can prepare our door access list in readiness for your arrival. We will need this registration information at least 7 days before first used to enter a Raiders game to give a chance to validate and enter the information onto our carer register.

Please provide the full name as registered with Nimbus as well as your registration number. If it is easier to send an image of the Access Card then that is fine because it gives us all we need.

 The Access Card registration, or the free Raiders version above ↑ will be our long term solution to support our customers who require an essential companion. A list of those registered under the Access Card scheme will be kept by our door staff to speed through the entry process.

Please use the above process for your pre-booking of complimentary entry for essential companions.

Our door staff are unable to undertake discussions on the entry policy to ensure that this does not delay others attempting to enter the building in a timely manner. The door staff will have a register of those that have pre-registered and to obtain your free carer pass it is essential you pre-book as above.


Season-tickets will be valid for the full 27 games within the League + Cup initial rounds and the full league season. It will not include the pre-season challenge games and for some fans these two pre-season games will allow them to organise their season-tickets, photos and payment for the following weeks as we have done in previous years.

The season-ticket will this season include any cup semi-final or finals games if the Raiders progress to those stages. Due to the very busy nature of the league schedule the cup semi finals and finals will have to be mid week games with an expected face off time of 7pm and Fridays being the hoped for scheduled days.

Season-ticket holders are the only fans that are able to reserve their seat at the Sapphire and a “reserved” sticker will be issued to mark the season-ticket holders seat. Previous season ticket holders will have first refusal on the same seat for the following season if they choose to purchase a season ticket again.

The season-tickets validity will end at the completion of the league season. Any play-off games will be at the normal door / on-line rate applicable at the time. Season-ticket holders will however still have their seat reserved for games that they attend that are not included on the season-ticket.

The full league season starts on 23rd/24th September 2023 and runs through to the 30th/31st March 2024 . For more information see the fixtures and news section of this web site when these have been updated for the 23-24 season.

For the 23-24 season the play offs will be two mini-leagues of 4 teams playing home and away over 3 weekends. This means 3 extra weekends of play-off hockey during the weekends of 6th/7th + 13th/14th + 20th/21st April. These 3 weekends are not included in the season ticket costs.

The organisation of cash payment and photos etc may be dealt with at pre-season social events or the pre-season challenge games on 9th and 16th September 2023.

The standard league season-ticket costs are :-

0-4 years old Free of charge (make the most of it 🙂 )
5-15 years old £200
16-65 years old £400
Concessions (over 65’s) £285
Qualifying carers (see above) free of charge but season tickets are not issued for complimentary attendees.

Please note that the cost of replacement season passes will be around £20 due to the nature of producing a quality card as a one-off compared with the cost of the first mass produced run of cards.

The age qualification date is the first game on the season ticket. So those claiming under 5’s, under 16’s and under 66’s should be below that age on the first game on the ticket, in this instance the 23rd September 2023.

We are working with our sponsors to provide special deals for our season ticket holders and will advise what is available before the start of the season.

Season ticket holders for the Raiders will also be able to enjoy a discount on the door price for the games of the Buccaneers, in Division 1 of the National League where derbies with local teams such as Chelmsford, Invicta and Streatham can be cheered on.

Season ticket holders will also recieve 10% off merchandise (excluding replica shirts).

Season ticket holders who are unable to attend games will be able to contact our streaming management team and organise a live stream for the game that they are unable to attend. On requesting a stream for the game the season ticket will be disabled for attendance in person for that particular game. This notification should be provided at least 24 hours before the game. The provision of complimentary streams is a manually input transaction and may not be possible on game day due to other commitments during the match preparations.

The season ticket does include a photo ID and are therefore not transferable to family members in the event you are unable to attend a game.

Where a category (such as junior club member) may be eligible for a complimentary day ticket when accompanied by a parent, these will not be available as a free season ticket.

Season ticket and seat reservations

Buying a season ticket is presently the only way you can reserve your seat at the Sapphire. We are taking bookings for these at the moment and are allowing last season’s seat holders the first option on retaining their seats.

You can reserve your seat by filling in the application form here →Raiders season ticket application Your application will need to include:-

Your Name
Category (Adult, Concession, youngster)
Full postal address
Preferred email address
Mobile phone number
Home phone number
Your chosen seat number (or whether you prefer to stand)
Payment method
A passport style photograph in electronic form ideally.

Payment in installments may be available but will cost slightly more due to administration costs. These payment plans will take place during the summer in an effort to get tickets paid for before the start of the season.

This seasons season tickets will again be a pre-printed credit card style with your photo and seat number printed upon it.

If you cannot remember your seat number then the stand layout below will assists. For a larger printable version with previous seat bookings shown, click on the layout below. This will be updated as more renewals and new applications are recieved. Red are those who have booked in already. Green are previous holders that would get priority if two fans wanted the same seat.

Day ticket purchase

Our ticketco App can be found here:

This will not be live / updated till fixtures are set which is expected to be early July 2023. When on that site click the event you are interested in. You are directed to the event you wish to purchase and you will have to select the type and number of tickets and then click place your order

Then check your order has been logged correctly

Then fill in your contact details and answer a few questions so we know who to offer deals to and the details of our crowds Covid vacinations

Then press pay and prepare to input your card details.

Input your details and press pay

So why are we asking these two questions?

It is useful to know where the fans come from if we think they may be interested in future games and promotions. For example our charity game this season will be against (TBA) so we could message them to warn of the good cause and make sure they have plenty of change and are feeling generous! 🙂

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