Streaming Links, Spring Cup

With the Spring Cup streaming series up and running Raiders are pleased to provide the download locations within the images for our home games below. If they are not linked yet then they will be at least a couple of days before the fixture

We have also added the text links to the away game coverage. To make life easier they are all in Chronological order.

The live stream will, in line with all teams in the cup, cost £12. You will however, with your email confirmation of payment, also receive a download link to the match night magazine for the game.

So despite being away from the rink you will still be able catch up with the latest news and maybe learn something about the nightmares in getting the streaming series together.

As with all on line services local internet connection vary so picture quality may be different as will the tendency for some local connections to drop out due to bandwidth issues.

The full download list will appear here over the next few days. Just click on the images below as they are uploaded.

Raiders at Telford Saturday 20th February 6-00PM face off

The Match night magazine for Sunday 21st february can be downloaded here↓

Raiders vs Telford match night magazine

Raiders at Sheffield Saturday 27th February 6-30PM face off

The Raiders Match Night Magazine for 28th February is here

→The Raiders Match Night Magazine for Friday 5th March is here←

Raiders at Bracknell, Friday March 12th 7-45pm

Raiders at Swindon, Saturday March 13th 6-30pm

The Raiders Match Night Magazine for Sunday 14th March will appear here

The Raiders Match Night Magazine for Saturday 20th March will appear here

Raiders at Sheffield, Sunday 21st March 5-00pm

The Raiders Match Night Magazine for Saturday 27th March will appear here

Raiders at Bracknell, Sunday 28th March 2-00pm

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