Raiders streaming vs Peterborough 22 12 2019

December 21, 2019

As usual Raiders home game will be live streamed for those that cannot make this important streak stopper!

It will not rival the live atmosphere nor the after game skate with the players but at least you catch the action as it happens


Raiders vs Peterborough stream 22122019

As usual a few precautions.

Dont leave your purchase to the last minute if you can avoid it just in case you have some issues.
Make sure you press the “return to merchant” button after your paypal purchase. Your access code will not be emailed but your money will be debited if you do not press “return to merchant”
Check your spam folders for the email with your access code.
If the stream is juddery then check your local connection. wifi links between devices have caused issues for some
Whilst we do monitor behaviour at the rink, this is a live stream in a passionate energetic environment. Some adult language may filter through.

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