Games over the weekend of 27th (Bristol) and 28th (Leeds) January postponed

January 27, 2024

Just when you thought the Raiders luck was turning around!

We are really very, very sorry to have to announce that due to issues with the electric Zamboni at the Sapphire ice and leisure, that both games are having to be postponed to a date later this season.

Centre management have messaged us to advise that no ice activity can take place on safety grounds due to the inability to re-surface the ice.

We understand that repairs are only possible on Monday 29th when engineers and parts become available.

We apologise for all the inconvenience to fans of all teams.

We will be dealing with the various knock on issues in due course. This will include but not be be limited to:-

1) Possible refunds or re-arranging to the potential new dates.
2) The organisation of alternative dates suitable for both Bristol and Leeds.
3) What happens about the “pride week” shirt wearing and sponsorship.
4) Advising all ticket purchases through the ticketing app.
5) Taking tickets off sale immediately (done already!)

So please bear with us whilst we plan through the no doubt numerous issues this causes for us.


Raiders management

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