Ownership update……

May 31, 2024

New Ownership – message from Dave Leach, Paul Windebank & Alan White

We are aware of the obvious concerns around ownership at the present time. As with all negotiations involving the transfer of a business there are a lot of details to finalise.

We are assisting with the new ownership group to enable this to be completed asap. The group includes both new & existing administrators that all have the Raiders at, & in, their hearts. In addition the players group have been engaged & are fully aware of the current situation. The group is committed to establishing a long term plan to secure the future of Raiders Hockey in Romford, including the Juniors, & building on Johns legacy.

A new company is being established but there is a need to complete the dotting of the i’s & crossing of the t’s.

It is hoped that this will be completed over the next few days & a formal communication made.

It is not possible for us to answer questions at this time until negotiations are finalised.

You, the fans, will be key to making this venture a success so rest assured we are very close to having things in place & will confirm as soon as everything is in place.

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