50:50 is back, with style!

February 25, 2021

Congratulations to the Raiders fan that scooped over £640 on last weeks 50:50. An impressive prize for an impressive bunch of hockey fans. Thank you for all buying in to our little bit of match night entertainment and we promise to keep you well aware of the climbing total during this weekends game.

A special mention also to all the visiting Telford fans and indeed fans from all around the country just looking for some full fat hockey after an 11 month diet.

After such an incredible take up of our streaming version of the 50:50 we are concerned that dropping back to non-guaranteed sums would look a bit trivial. So yes you have guessed it, Raiders are guaranteeing a winning total of no less that £500 for the second week in a row. In a season of firsts it feels right to extend it to our 50:50 guarantees.

If you cant be bothered to trawl through the menus then head straight to this weeks 50:50 sign up page here → Raiders 50:50 28th February Sheffield

And again thanks for all the support.

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