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2018-2019 Thanks for the memories and the support

March 25, 2019

Well where to begin when so many of the Gold and Blue stalwarts have already provided such heart felt personal summaries and tributes to the team and this growing club? The lads gave it their all this term and rarely will you see such emotional farewells between a team and its fans realising that this

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Play-off hockey hits the Sapphire

March 23, 2019

Play-off hockey is here at last as the Raiders repeat last year’s match up with a 2 game knock out weekend against the Bracknell Bees. Raiders are at home this Saturday 23rd March and tickets for that game can be booked here↓ Raider ticket web site The second leg will be played at Bracknell and

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The Play-Offs start here!!!

March 20, 2019

It has been an eventful 7 months as the Raiders and their fans have made themselves at home in the Sapphire during the 2018-2019 regular season. Some amazing wins, some unexpected losses and plenty of incredible goals. Players banned, bans overturned, players injured, players returning. Brilliant plays, daft penalties and some jaw dropping saves Just

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Raiders mourn the passing of Andrej Sporina #92

March 19, 2019

#92 SPORRO – ANDREJ SPORINA 1981- 2019 The Raiders organisation were stunned to learn of the passing of the incredibly popular former player Andrej Sporina when on Monday 18th of March we received a message that he had recently lost a relatively short battle with illness. “Sporro” was immediately taken to the hearts of the

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